Law Firm Chałas and Partners - Energy

Law Firm Chałas and Partners - Energy

The law firm advises energy companies operating in conventional power engineering, gas, liquid fuels, heat and renewables sectors. The energy law practice assistance covers legal advisory, court representation and representation in administrative authorities.


Energy practice:

  • advisory on decisions on concessions and tarrifs, power transmission grid’s operation and maintenance manuals, penalties, wholesale electricity trading, natural gas and liquid fuels
  • advisory on mining and mining research
  • assistance in infrastructure, line and process capacity investments
  • claims involving utility easement
  • assistance in contracts execution
  • legal services in the scope of investments processes in renewables
  • commentaries and assessment of legislative processes in regard of both domestic and EU regulations


Environmental law and waste management practice:

  • legal and environmental issues
  • waste management and cross-border transfer of waste
  • environmental use regulations, including introduction of substances and power into the environment
  • environmental fees, liability and sanctions for violation of the environmental use regulatory requirements
  • hazardous waste transport
  • hazardous substances and products use and distribution
  • investment processes related to municipal waste processing devices