Law Firm Chałas and Partners - Public procurement

Law Firm Chałas and Partners - Public procurement

The law firm counsels both contractors and ordering parties at all stages of the procedure, including procurement performance. The assistance of the Public Procurement practice includes:


For Contractors

  • legal advisory on drafting tender offers
  • avoidance and defining risks arising from contract award and procurement performance
  • evaluation of legitimacy and drafting appeals, applications to appeal proceedings and complaints
  • drafting legal opinions and commentaries on public procurement legal issues
  • advisory on procurement performance
  • legal assistance in execution and performance of contracts with sub-contractors, consortium members and other partners
  • court representation and representation before the National Chamber of Appeals


For Ordering parties

  • legal assistance in contract award procedure preparation, including, in particular, drafting tender documentation, Specification of Essential Terms of Contract (SIWZ), material contractual clauses, agreements templates
  • legal support in procurements awarding procedure
  • advisory services related to the controls conducted
  • assistance in proceedings related to financial corrections an adjustments imposed on EU funds beneficiaries
  • drafting internal contract award bylaws and public procurement schemes